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CHAPTER ELEVEN: The First High Climax of the Story

My maiden ejaculation

Any Chinese man, or woman has gone through the 60s would experienced the headache of onerous household chores. For example to cook rice. There was no electric rice cooker or gas by that time, therefore we all had to make coal fire. To make coal fire we had to go to the coal station to buy loose coal. For buying coal we needed to borrow a flatbed cart (a Chinese man-power trailer). After we got the loose coal back home we had make briquettes, later evolved making honeycomb briquettes (it was called “oumei” meaning “lotus-root-coal”). Only to deal with the coal would form a chain business. Also since we even didn’t know the existence of the word “refrigerator”, very often we needed to go to the food market. And as neither had we washing machine, every item of clothes were depended on our hand-brush. Talking about washing clothes I still remember that kind of feeling, the feeling of the acute pain from my carrot like little hands getting into the ice cold water felt like being pricked by millions of needles. In addition, mending clothes, and as well as all types of other supposed to be woman’s specialties our brothers got to do them by ourselves, as the only woman in our family, our mother had to go out to win the bread, I mean to win the rice for us. There is something needs to be clarified that, our family was not an exception, almost all kids in my age had to do slave labor to help the family.

I am here loquacious today meant not to blame my mother nor the age, if there is something I could blame, anything at all, it would be my mother made me in a wrong place or at a wrong time. Here what I just trying to tell you was, I, as a 14-Year old juvenile, after school, housework, and playing the violin, there was little time left for playing. However, up to then with my effort I somehow managed to keep the balance. But since I got to know Jiang Langsha, things started to change radically, as from him, I could endlessly borrow books,


Below are names of western classical literature works, need time to find out the original tittles:

(Parisian the Holy Mother 院》 of red and black 》 , 《 of war and peaceful 》 , 《 of 》 , 《 of 》 , 《 Anna card 涅尼娜 of 》 , 《斯巴 answer gram 斯 of pathetic world of 》 , 《 of 》 , 《哈玛 thunder 特 of 欧 and 朱 benefit 耶 of 《罗密 etc.. That among them and most lets me do not want to put it awayses, and suffer the influence most, and perhaps say the “ the poisoned" the most deep nothing is better than in the 罗曼罗 the 兰 ' s 《 John, gram benefit 斯 man 》 . Read to read, and I imitate the 佛 to feel by oneself is a book of that John, gram benefit 斯 man.


Quite a few times I burnt the rice while I was in my ivory tower with those books, sometimes I would keep reciting some of the most fascinating quotations when my Mom slapped me in my face.

In return to Jiang’s generosity of lending the books to me, I played violin every evening outside his hut near the railway.

“That’s my mental food and emotion nourishment.” He said.

In addition to reading the books, there was another good thing worth consuming time, eavesdropping music from a radio station the Voice of America. As I had no short-wave radio set I had to go to a classmate named He kejin’s home to do that. He kejin was from a comparatively well off family, and he got a Red Light short-wave radio as birthday present. For the sake of listen to the radio we were once quite close. Since the Voice of America was regarded as an enemy station and to eavesdrop it was a serious crime, we usually had to wait until very late at night, and then hide in his room covered with quilt to eavesdrop it with a minimum volume.

One night we caught an unknown station broadcasting a violin concerto. That caused me being too late for the last bus therefore I had to go home by “No 11 bus” (two feet). On my 3 kilometers’ journey home the rain started to pour off. Recalling the wonderful violin music from the radio I was literally “singing in the rain.” When I finally reached home my whole body was soaked. But I was gratified as I could change my clothes and hit to my pillow at last. However, no matter how hard I knocked, mother refused to open the door. I went to knock the back door hoping my brother Danjin would show his mercy but heard mother shouting at him, “Dare you to open it, you go out together with him.”

It left me no choice but trembled to the railway hut. More strangely on that night my buddy Jiang Langsha too ignored my knocking on his door. I was so sure he was inside, as I knew he had to switch the railway several times during the night. His rejection gave me no alternative but to sit outside of his hut dozing.

Not knowing how long it past, Jiang’s door opened. Jiang walked out with a raincoat. Unexpected to see me he surprised, “You are still here!”

I yelled at him, “What kind of friend are you?” I Stood up and headed straight into his hut.

Jiang tried to stop me, “Don’t…” But it was too late as I had already separated myself away from my wet clothes.

There was no electricity inside. A faint kerosene lamplight danced with breeze. Then I hear the train “Hong hong, honghong.” I was so cold that I couldn’t wait until the train gone I had drilled myself into his quilt on his little wooden bed.

“Ai, my Mom!” A sharp outcry, a woman’s outcry was heard, followed a woman’s nude buttocks were out from the other side of the quilt. With enormous surprise I quickly held a corner of the quilt tightly to cover my boy’s thing. The opposing party too held the other corner of the quilt tightly to cover her girl’s part. However her other two upper parts were revealed flickering with the rocking lamplight.

Meanwhile Jiang finished his rail switching and returned back to the hut. Seeing the scene, he couldn’t help laughing out. Quickly he controlled himself and introduced us to each other.

To me he said, “My sister Chu Xiaoling. In fact I wanted you to meet a long time ago.”

And to her, “This is my friend Chen Danjiu. He is the one people call Nine Brother, a violin genius that you say you want to meet.”

To us he said, “Now you two have met each other, totally, completely, and with no reservation.” Soon after the introduction he burst into laughter again. Probably felt inappropriate he controlled his laugh to the minimum lever and added, “I don’t what to do? You two figure it out yourselves what’s the best for both of you.”

He took off his raincoat and wrapped him around with his army overcoat and lie on his wooden armchair sleeping.

We refused to budge for a little while I told her that all my clothes were wet.

“Mine too not dry yet.” She replied.

“I see.” I puzzled, with no choice I said, “Ok, I go. Please turn your face around.”

“Actually I don’t think I need much space.” She said, in a tone of commiseration. She rolled her body up with a small part of the quilt and turned her back to me.

I was really cold and tired, and not yet in the age needed to pretend to be a gentleman, so also wrapped my body up with a corner of the quilt, went sleep, together with her feet.

When I woke up next morning, I saw no Jiang Langsha but found myself naked in bed holding a nude girl in my arms. That was my first time in touch with an opposite sex in a whole, physically. I subconsciously released her with astonishment. However the curiosity and vague longing for woman made me, a boy at his adolescence to embrace her again, carefully and softly. Her skin was very elastic though not particularly smooth. Meanwhile, I felt a baby bamboo growing rapidly between my legs. That getting longer, thicker and harder mysterious little bamboo shoot pushed against Chu Xiaolin’s thigh. Suddenly my whole body was soused like inhaling opium. Chu Xiaolin turned her body; accidentally or not she touched the extension between my legs, and amused. When I realized that she was not really in sleep I scared off the bed looking everywhere for my life-saving pants.

I returned back home with my half dry half wet clothes. But no body was home, that meant I still could not get into my room. Seeing me running circles to fight with the coldness, our back door opened. The next-door neighbor Hu Meimei said to me, “Hurry to change your clothes, otherwise you would be just like me to catch a cold and unable to go to the school.”

I entered the shared kitchen but still not be able to get into my room. I had to ask her staying at the kitchen, stripped myself nude in her quilt, and then asking her to take my clothes away to dry in the kitchen.

I waited in Hu Meimei’s bed, chewing the cud of the taste of holding Xiaolin naked, in addition Hu Meimei’s quilt gushed a smell of woman; all made me in a state of sexual impulse. I was somewhat befuddled, felt as if Hu Meimei walked to me, uncovered my quilt, her quilt I mean, and held my life-maker-to-be. My whole body suddenly cramped, “Wa!!!” I woke up with a throb of excitement, felt the moist in my leg junction area. With my twitched body I immediately uncovered the quilt and found the moist was not caused by urine, neither blood. It was sticky jelly like or bean curd like something that I had never seen before. I “wa” burst into crying. Hu Mermei heard me quickly got in from the kitchen and asked me what was wrong.

I hurriedly covered my boy’s little thing (by then a middle sized thing) with quilt, and answered, “There is no use to

ask. My vitality of life is gone, and I will die soon.”

Hu Meimei didn’t get what nonsense I was talking about. After she pushed me repeatedly I again explained, “My marrow, my bone pith has come out, and I wouldn’t be able to live for very long.”

I showed the part of wetted quilt to her. Hu Meimei saw it, blushed and ran out. Soon she came in again with a few pages of yellow toilet paper (By that time Chinese toilet paper was called 黄草纸 “yellow straw paper”) and wiped her quilt as hard as she could, seeing me was shocked and ashamed, she covered my boy’s part with the last yellow paper and urged me, “wipe yourself quickly and get out of here. By the noon when my elder sister comes back and sees it, would mistaken that we are…”

That was my maiden ejaculation.

My first sexual experience

Since then, from time to time I met Chu Xiaolin at Jiang’s little hut (perhaps I wanted to meet her). Occasionally I caught they were doing things together. No need to mention how lure and stimulating it was to overhear their caterwaul outside of the door.

But one day, I overheard not their caterwaul but argument. The voices were getting higher and louder, and Chu Xiaolin rushed out from the hut. I stood there without knowing what to do. Jiang waved at me, and I walked into his little castle.

Jiang sat there soured his cheeks. He covered his eyes with his hands and kept silence for quite a while. Just when I started to wonder whether I should go away he suddenly stood up, crazily held me up and put me down on his bed. I was shocked by his unexpected action and lost my faculty of reaction. Before I tried to get away He pressed me on the bed with my face down and crazily pulled down my pants. Then I started to struggle desperately like a fish out of water. Yet no matter how hard I floundered, as a teenage I was not at all an opponent of his. I felt something hard penetrating into my back hole. The indescribable pain caused me crying out miserably. I took a Shakespeare on his bed and pounded over my head. Jiang immediately let me loose, covered his right eye with his hands and screamed madly. I seized the opportunity to lift my pants up, and enduring the back pain I escaped as quickly as I could.

Back home, I ran to the kitchen looking for Hu Meimei. As we were the only two left in our homes I dragged her to my bed, and recklessly took her pants off. Hu Meimei too, was puzzled at first. But when she realized what I was trying to do she did not resist, merely said with a flushed face, “The rice is going to be burnt.”

I was too excited to care for the rice. However when I fixed my eyes on her little pitch like private part I was more aghast than she was. Hu Meimei took the chance to get away from my bed. The left alone me rubbed my boy’s toy with my hands and soon I felt a loose of control of my body, I shouted toward the kitchen, “Meimei be quick, bring me a few pages of yellow papers!”

The story of Jiang Langsha and Chu Xiaolin

Henceforth, I dared not to see Jiang Langsha again, even when I needed to go somewhere, I made a detour to pass his hut.

It was OK for me not to see Jiang, yet it was not OK not to read books. That made me in a constant state of anxiety acting like a fly without head.

One day, I bumped into Chu Xiaolin by chance. May be I shouldn’t say “by chance”, as she was apparently standing there waiting for me. Although she was only two years older than me, but acted like a little aunt taking me the Xiang riverbank, and told me the story about she and Jiang Langsha.

Chu Xiaolin’s father was a man in favor of boys (a Chinese thinking of “men are superior to women”), yet, the mother’s hemorrhage during giving birth to Xiaolin coursed her body half-paralyzed and had to live on a wheelchair. That brought the father’s boy dream to dead-end. Hence they decided to recruit a “home stay” son-in-law when Xiaolin was a little toddler. This explains why the parents joyfully accepted Jiang as their adopted son when he was a primary school kid.

Langsha and Xiaolin got along quite well with each other as brother and sister, and had not slightest idea what their parents plan to do with them, until the day Jiang Langsha had to go to countryside, the so called “vast world” the father started to worry about that Jiang would be gone, forever. Thus the father laid all his cards on the table.

The father handed Jiang a white towel and locked the two up in their room, ordered, “You two will not let out until the assignment is accomplished. No red on the towel no chow.”

They waited, went sleep when they were too tired, when woke up they felt starve to death. Until the girl couldn’t hold any longer she begged the brother, “Let do it.”

That was the two youngsters’ maiden intercourse.

Immediately, the father tore the up-low two level beds apart and said to them, “From now on you two sleep together. Heard the word ‘child bride’? You are in fact a ‘child bridegroom’. If it were the old society, (Chinese refer the time before 1949 as ‘the old society’) you would already be husband and wife. Pity in the new society we have to wait until Xiaolin reach the legal age.”

Jiang felt suffocated to be in such a deformed family relationship, and gradually he became abnormal himself. Every time when he touched the body of Xiaolin he strongly felt detesting and guilty, while Xiaolin, a girl in her bloom on the other hand, was gradually getting familiar and accustomed with Jiang’s body. That aroused her sexual desire greatly. The situation developed to the stage that Xiaolin initiatively ask Langsha for lovemaking. That made the day and night longer and longer for him. If it were not for the loving and caring of the family for his childhood, he would probably had fled away in the very beginning.

Fortunately the time to be apart from the family finally came when he had to go countryside as one of the millions educated youth. At countryside, Jiang avoided to get into touch with any woman, therefore no need to mention he had no girl friend. However, he somehow got quite close with a barefoot doctor (self trained local doctor with no or very a little academic education) called “small white face”, and the two intimate male friends later became sex partners.

Jiang’s foster father, and also supposed to be his father –in–law heard that his adopted son and son-in-law was mashing with someone else, a man, he stamped with fury, immediately he ran to the countryside to get Jiang back. That was exactly the time when Jiang started to realize the countryside was not exactly as Chairman Mao said ‘great achievements can be made’, on the contrary, to him it seemed no achievements can be made out there. Therefore he pushed his boat along with the father’s current to return back to the city. The father used all his brains, means, and did everything he could to lock Jiang in his pocket, at last through all kinds relationships he managed to get Jiang a temporary job as a railway switch man, an ideal job that Jiang couldn’t go anywhere except walking between the rail switcher and his little wooden hut.

Unexpectedly Jiang fell in love with my violin playing, and gradually he moved his affection from violin to the boy who plays the violin. When Xiaolin got aware about that, although partly for her natural needs, fundamentally she wanted to rescue her brother, or her husband to be, whoever and get him out of the anomalism and homosexuality. Hence she started to visit Jiang Langsha more and more often. I just don’t want to image how dreadful it was for Jiang to do things he didn’t like with his “sister” each time when she visited him.

Heard the story I had no words to say. Being a 14-year-old those matters surpassed my comprehension.

Seeing me was effected by her story she brought out the real business, “My Jiang brother is getting more and more crazy by not be able to listen to your violin as well as by not be able to see you. If things are going on like this, something awful is likely to happen. I’ve been talking to him, and he pledged he gave you his words that he would never ever touch you again. Please go see him from time to time, as a friend, a good friend, just like to you did before. About his abnormal sexuality, I’ll do whatever needed, trust me.”

By Finishing her saying, she exhorted, “As it says ‘don't wash dirty linen in public.’(In Chinese ‘the disgrace of a family should never be spread’) So promise me you keep it all for yourself and never tell anyone else.

“I swear to Chairman Mao I wouldn’t…” I didn’t finish the sentence, therefore I don’t remember I meant “I wouldn’t tell anyone else” or “I wouldn’t keep it all for myself”?

But for all that, I still dared not to go see Jiang Langsha, as the memory of the back pain was really stubborn. Nevertheless, I, a boy at my age of puberty, felt panic about my growing sexual desire. More and more frequently I hid myself in my quilt playing, when the result spurted out I would loudly shout toward the kitchen when Hu Meimei was not in, “Meimei, hurry up with a few pages of yellow straw paper for me.”

Although I no longer seeing Jiang Langsha, I quite often wet Chu Xiaolin, for only one reason, to borrow books. Through Xiaolin I got to know that there was a wooded box filled with books under Jiang’s bed, the all and only inheritance from his real father. That’s why Jiang regarded the books as precious as his own life.

“Jiang brother had always been very nice and kind to me, but he never let me touch his books. Yet he is willing to lend books to you, that’s a obvious inference of your importance in his heart.” Xiaolin said with a little flavor of jealousy.

Xiolin’s words made me feel very heavy. Hence, I decided to give up the method of borrowing books from Jiang through Xiaolin, I even thought of making an effort quit my addiction of reading. But my effort did not solve the problem, on the contrary that put Xiaolin in an awkward position. Almost once every two days she was at rail crossing waiting for me passing by, and again and again asked me what was the amiss with me. When I was forced to tell the truth, she laughed.

“If you what you reject is Jiang brother not books, I may be able to help you both, I mean both my Jiang brother’s feeling and your reading. You see, my aunt is working at the provincial library. She had nothing to do for all these years since the Cultural Revolution sealed the library. But, recently the library is thinking of sorting stuffs out and putting them in order before re-opening it. I’m just considering getting a temporary job as my aunt’s helper.

“Really?” Immediately I got excited, “In fact, besides novels, I’m also in urgent need for violin music scores.”

I soon made a list: “kaisa”, open the 塞 the 》 , 《 gram the 莱 from the 《 the 尔》 arrive the virtuous 》 , 《帕格尼尼 of 《罗 the 》 , and still have the many violin concerto, such as the 《 Bach 》 , 《 the 莫 tie the 特 the 》 , 《 Beethoven's 》 , 《 the door virtuous 尔 pine the 》 , 《 firewood can man 斯基》 etc..

Since then, every time I met Xiaolin, she always had a novel and a couple of music scores for me. And each time when handed them over to me she would always emphasize the same thing, “No need to thank me, thank my Jiang brother. If it were not for the sake to make him happy, I would never and dare never to do things like that, although it says that ‘to steal books is not considered as a thief.’ On the other hand, who cares about books nowadays, who has counted how many of them were burned. If you had the chance to see the tons of books piled up there with no one takes care of them, what’s the difference from trashes?”

Xiaolin’s words, and more impotently her action made me more and more touched by Jiang’s sincerity, which sometimes faded my memory of back-hole pain. One day, I bought 20 fen RMB Mahua (Chinese snack) planning to place it outside Jiang’s little hut entrance, not to show my forgiveness but to express my appreciation. But not even close to his door I heard their quarrel.

“What is wrong with you today?” Xiaoin’s voice.

“Not today, it was wrong from the very beginning.” Jiang’s voice.

Xiaolin, “What? You say you don’t like me from the very beginning?”

Langsha, “it is not that I don’t like you, it is that I don’t like to do that kind of things with you.”

Xiaolin, “Don’t like to do with me, equals don’t like me?”

Langsha, “I don’t like you, I love you. Let me say it again, I love you, very much, because you are my baby sister, my only sister in the whole world. So listen to me carefully, to like you and dislike to do with you are two separate issues, totally.”

Xiolin, “You mean you are not going to do with me anymore?”

Langsha, “If it is possible.”

Xiaolin, “Not even after we get married?”

Langsha, “Oh, you still don’t get it. Do I have to make it so clear to you my silly, that I would never get married, not to you, not to anybody.”


“Because sexually I don’t like woman in whole, not at all.”

Xiaolin’s weeping.

Langsha’s comforting.

Xialin, “I know your heart is occupied with that little nine brother. But he is a man, in fact not really a man yet but just a boy. He scares you to death. I beg you never harm him again.”

Langsha, “I know I know, what I did was disgraceful as you said he is just a boy. But what you don’t know is he is also a man, a man of great future. That’s why I wish to push him a bit with my meager strength, not to redeem my name from wrong done but for his gift. Now you understand why I ask you to get close to him. I hope you could substitute me to do things for him, if possible to satisfy all his demands, with all what you’ve got. You know what I mean? If you really love me, you should do as I wish.”

Heard that, I ran away like crazy, and forgot to leave the bag of Mahua I purposely bought for him outside the entrance.

A few days later, Chu Xialin blocked me on my way when I was going to see Teacher Li. She said she would show me something to make me very happy. Followed her we arrived at a building ruins burnt during the gun fighting in the beginning of the Cultural Revolution. I was led to a room, a room with some loose building materials scattered here and there. Xiaolin pulled out a sack and opened it. Thus some books and music scores flopped down on the ground. Oh, my God! Besides a small portion of novels, it’s a whole sack of music scores, not only violin music scores, but also other scores, such as piano pieces, operas, symphonies and works for vocals etc.

“Loaded a whole bag for you. Should be enough for a while.” She said.

“What’s wrong? I mean right? why?” I didn’t know where to start.

“Why? Because I’m afraid I might not be able to help you with books any more.”

I was too excited to see the books than to listen to what she was really saying. Meanwhile footsteps broke the joy atmosphere.

She comforted me, “Don’t worry, it’s uncle Feng, my acquaintance.”

The man called “uncle Feng” appeared in front of me. He was a tall and strong man in his 50’s with longer eyebrows than normal. Chu Xiaolin introduced us to each other. I politely bowed to him, but he returned little reaction.

Xiaolin finally said to me, “Take whatever you need now and leave the rest here. Whenever you need more you can always come here to take. It’s absolutely safe here as no one else know the place except me.”

Walked out from the building ruins Xiaolin told me that she got to know uncle Feng many years ago when she was a little girl. Every time when her father beat her Feng’s place was her shelter to hide. Feng was a foreman working for Changsha Construction Company. He lost his wife a long time ago and had no children. Since then he had no fixed home, but to live wherever his work place was. Xiaolin repeatedly stressed that though Feng looked crassness and uneducated in appearance, inside a very good hearted and kind person.

“I have already told uncle Feng that you are my best friend. From now on if you are cornered, you don’t have to see my Jiang brother but turn to him for help.” She added.

When we reached a road crossing, a place we opposed to say goodbye to each other she suddenly asked me whether I would like to eat a bowl of noodle with her. Seeing me subconsciously searched my pocket she comforted me, “Don’t worry, today it’s on me.”

I was relieved, “Next time…”

“OK, if there is a next time.” She smiled, bitterly.

I ordered a bowl of shredded pork noodle, while she said she felt tasteless in her mouth she asked for a bowl of sour and spicy noodle. But when the two bowls of noodle being placed on the table she said she had little appetite, therefore only took a couple of spoons of soup, and pushed the bowl in front of me. I kept my nose straight to the noodles.

Watching me engorged she turned her face away from me, and silently wept. Waited until I finished my last string of noodle she stood up and handed over one big Yuan RMB (two bowls cost 50 fen only) and said, “Keep the change.” Before the noodle man thanked her she uttered, “It’s truly tiresome to be on the hoof.”

“What?” I didn’t get it.

She explained to me, and to her too, “I wish to leave this place to go somewhere else for good, to find another way of existence in another world.”

“I see!…?” I still had not a slightest idea what she was talking about.

“No matter what happens, promise me not to see my Jiang brother again.” She suddenly looked at me, very seriously.

We said farewell to each other, just like that. And that was our farewell.

When Chu Xiaolin returned home, before she even entered the door her father was waiting for her with a chicken feather rod in his hand. (Chicken feather rod is a Chinese dust cleaner, but commonly exploited as a mean of beating children, in order to prevent hands of the parents from hurt) This time she did not evade but walked straight to the chicken feather rod. The father lashed her with the pitiless rod as he bawled out, “You stool things from the library, you thief. I kill you good for nothing dead devil.”

The mother saw the father doing too excessively, although rolled her wheelchair in between the two to fend Xiaolin.

The father said to the mother, “Get out of my way. You know the old saying ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’.”

The mother made no move, instead she questioned her daughter very indignantly, “How could you do such a thing to disgrace the good name of our working class family, and for whom worth you to take books out from the library? Today a group of people from the peace keeper command center came here…”

Did not wait the mother to finish her saying Xiaolin admitted, “For the sake of my Jiang brother, I would do anything. For the sake of someone my Jiang brother like, I also can do anything.”

The father, “You are no my daughter, our family doesn’t have such a gene, you, go to die.

Xiaolin replied, “Alright, I know why you hate me. You wanted a boy. That’s why you asked Mom to take an abortion to kill me when the doctor said I was to be a girl. Now you made it so clear you still don’t want me to be your daughter after so many years, and my Jiang brother doesn’t want me to be his wife. Who wants me in this world? My Sky, (“My sky” is a Chinese calling for God, next to Chairman Mao) what’s the point to keep living?” Xiaolin poured out her tears together with all what she wanted to spit out for a long time.

The mother had a hunch that something wrong was going on, she queried, “What do you mean that your Jiang brother doesn’t want you to be his wife? Speak more clearly will you?”

“Jiang brother said he would never marry me!” Xiaolin sobbed her heart out.

That certainly shocked the parents. The mother tried to comfort her daughter as well as her and the husband, “I’m sure he was just kidding you. Jiang son is not that kind of ungrateful boy.”

The father shouted with fury, “I knew I knew, I knew it a long time ago Jiang son is not a good thing, you too, bad stuff. Look, who made your mother on a wheelchair? Ha! You, it was you, little devil. I wish you all dead. Oh my sky! What a mistake I’ve made?”

Xiaolin suddenly stopped crying. She bitted her lips to control her sob, looking at her father fearlessly, and very calmly she said, “You so much regret your mistake, I’m glad to help you correcting it today.”

“Hey, how dare you to scare me! You die you die.” The father again raised his chicken feather rod, “If you don’t die today, I will have to kill you.”

Xiaolin walked to the basin stand, facing the mirror she combed her hair, put a flower on the hair, and took a moment to have a good look at herself, then walked into her room fetched out her photo album and walked by the window. She started to tear photograph piece by piece, threw the small pieces of her photos down from the window. After she watched the last piece waved down from her 4th floor down to the ground,

she climbed herself up to the window.”

The mother couldn’t take any more, she yelled to her daughter, “No, no…”

“Don’t buy her bluffing, I’m sure she dare not…”

Xiaolin had heard enough therefore did not wait for his father to finish his words she opened the raised dove cage. The doves “Pu pu” rushed out for freedom. Xiaolin took a look at the sky, then shut her eyes, took her last breath, deeply, and launched her wings, with the doves she flew freely into an infinite time and space.

The father fell flop down onto a chair, while the mother stood up from her wheelchair and struggled towards the window.


To be continued.


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