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While a significant number of citizens in Islamic or Muslim countries are directly hostile to Europeans, Chinese are usually just after your money. It is unbearable to live the rest of your life in a country where there is a constant and an overwhelming danger of being “Shanghaied”. My stepmother was the Norwegian Vice Counsul in Shanghai and I know several Europeans

working there. They are willing to “cope” for the duration of their company term, as the pay is good, but they would never settle there permanently with their families. I remember when I was in Shanghai a few years ago. During my three week stay I had more than 10 people asking me to take a photograph with them. Apparently, the Nordic appearance is a relatively rare sight, especially for rural Chinese visiting the big cities during their vacation. While this can be a charming and even a flattering experience, having a mob of people constantly glaring at you all day long is a psychological burden. An example is when I went to Mc Donalds with my friend, Xun. He is a Norwegian Chinese btw and he was my partner at one point, in Oslo, when I day traded actively. He taught me advanced Chinese candlestick/MACD strategies in relation to stock analysis. Anyway, at Mc Donalds as with anywhere, it is not likely that you will enjoy your meal when you have 50 Chinese constantly glaring at you. During my stay in Shanghai there were 5 attempts to Shanghai me (they target Europeans), one was unfortunately successful (30 Euro demanded for a simple 1 Euro dish).As for China on a state level, they actively use demographical warfare against Tibet and areas populated by Muslim Uyghurs. China is a monoculturalcountry, just like African nations and a majority of countries in the Islamic world.

绝大多数伊斯兰和穆斯林国家的公民对欧洲人有明显敌意,而中国人则不同,只想要欧洲人的钱。无法忍受住在一个随时会被 “上海掉” 的国家(意指被骗)。我的继母曾是挪威在上海的副领事,所以我知道哪里的欧洲人的情况。因为薪水高,他们会在那里工作,但绝不会在那里长期生活。我在几年前去过上海。在那里的三个星期中,经常有超过10个的中国人想要找我拍照,特别是那些乡村来上海旅游的,似乎北欧人是稀少的景观。这固然是种让人感受良好的经历,但长时间被一群人盯着看绝对是种精神负担。比如有一次,和我的中国朋友 Xun 去麦当劳的时候就是如此,Xun 他是一个挪威籍中国人,是我在奥斯陆炒股时的搭档。他教了我许多中国 的投机分析策略。总之,几十个中国人盯着你看,让你无法进食。 在上海的期间,有五次有人想要 “上海” 我 (他们针对欧洲人),一次成功,我为了一道值1欧元的菜付了30欧元。


Britain/US/France/Germany was now pro Arab/pro Muslim in the cold war environment where you saw India/Russia/China on the axis of “evil”


The Chinese and the Russians do not want to fight an open war with the Americans, but they would be hugely pleased to see the United States cut down to size a bit, until it is about as much a threat to anybody as the European Union is now, ―so the Chinese and Russians can run the global show as they see fit, ration the oil, and pocket the profits。

There is, however, a big difference: The Islamic world always has been our enemy and always will be. China and Russia do not have to be our enemies, although our relations will be complicated because of their size and their own Great Power ambitions. We can, at best, persuade them that directly opposing us isn‘t going to pay off.


What the West should do is to enter into strategic alliances with non-Western states that share some of our political ideals and goals. This includes non-Muslim nations such as Japan and India, perhaps also Thailand, the Philippines and others. We will, however, still need some understanding with Russia and China and some mechanism for consultations with both. Perhaps, instead of any new and formalized organization, the most influential countries will simply form ad hoc alliances to deal with issues as they arise.



To sum up, we should not become complacent about democracy’’s future. There are long festering and growing economic and ethnic problems which short term thinking entrepreneurs cannot solve. With the rise of India and China (with their hardworking cheap labour), it is quite clear that the welfare state in Europe and to a lesser extent in America cannot be sustained.


In China, there were no autonomous institutions of learning independent of the official bureaucracy; the ones that existed were completely at the mercy of the centralized state. Nor were philosophers given the liberty to define for themselves the realms of learning as occurred in the West


While Chinese, Indian, Korean and other Asian Universities are graduating millions of motivated engineers and scientists every year, Western Universities have been reduced to little hippie factories, teaching about the wickedness of the West and the blessings of barbarism.


The Chinese blogger Ohmyrus (who also writes very sensible articles about Islam) on his blog ―Reforming Democracy refers to politicians as votepreneur. and points out that democracy has several flaws: ―There are, simply put, more poor people than rich people. What this means is that politicians can prosper at the ballot box by proposing redistributive policies. The result is high taxes.


Jihad in West-China, Xinjiang (Muslims vs. Buddhists)

Uighur Islamists have waged a low-level campaign against Chinese rule for decades. Turkestan Islamic Party seeks to create an Islamic republic for the Muslim Uighur people. Western media have condemned the actions of the Chinese government counter-campaigns against the “poor outnumbered rebels”.

After their number, in this way, has become large and politically powerful, they will seek autonomy, or demand complete independence for those regions of their host countries in which they will be living. This has already happened to India, and it is happening right now to the Philippines, Thailand and China.




If the United States wants to maintain what it sees as its moral leadership, it can begin by challenging Islamic censorship and intimidation. China doesn‘t care, nor does Russia, while India has a huge Islamic fifth column to worry about.


Sweden Democrats have been the targets of events that recall China‘s Cultural Revolution. Staged ―’people‘s protests’ by members of the ‘youth divisions‘ of other parties have led the firing of Sweden Democrats from their jobs. A few weeks ago, a junior diplomat was dismissed when it became known that he was a member of the party and had criticised h country‘s immigration policy. On several occasions, thugs loyal to the ruling parties have broken up Sweden Democratic meetings and beaten up party leaders.

瑞典的民主党,正承受中国文革式的攻击。那些其它政党的年轻人刻意假造炮制的 ‘人民抗议’ ,导致民主党员不得不辞去职位。不久前,一员年轻外交官,因反对移民政策,而被暴徒冲进会议殴打,并被解职。

The non-religious authorities in China are far more ruthless in crushing any Islamic aggression than most

Christian countries are. Of course, the downside is that they are far more ruthless in crushing anything deemed to be a potential challenge to their power.


The West isn‘t feared because we are oppressors, we are despised because we are perceived as weak and decadent. Jihadist websites have said that China is not the enemy at the moment. China, too, is an infidel enemy, but Muslims respect the Chinese more than Western nations. We can live with having enemies. The important thing is making sure that our enemies respect us, as Machiavelli indicated in The Prince.

总之,不要对民主的未来自满。短视将会带来灾难。随着中国和印度的崛起 (用那些勤勉便宜的劳工),欧洲和美国的高福利社会将难以为继。

Source countries include most East European countries other than Poland and Russia, and China through middlemen.


We will struggle with recruitment in the first decades of the civil war, phase 1 – 2010-2030, but as the national economies are gradually crippled (primarily through decreasing national cohesion, allowing China to join the WTO/globalisation, radicalisation of Muslims and other factors) we will experience an increasing recruitment rate due to increased EU unemployment rate. The people of Europe will be willing to stand up and fight for their principles when they are already suffering. As such, it must be a priority to contribute to cripple the cultural Marxist regimes economies further through our emphasis on sabotage operations, using any and all means available.

我们会招不到人,但在2030年之后,由于西方经济的持续衰退 (主要因为丧失国家凝聚力,中国加入WTO,和穆斯林的激进化),欧洲的人民会愿意站起来。所以,我们应该优先实行破坏活动,搞残那些本国的文化左冀主义倾向的经济组织,不惜一切手段。

Nicotine bullets, chemical rounds – Death by respiratory failure

Pure nicotine is one of the most deadly poisons on earth. Pure nicotine (99%-99.5%) from China is typically solvent extracted from tobacco leaves and is described as a clear to yellowish oily liquid. This is generally sold by Kg (weight) as opposed to volume (L). However from all I’’ve seen, these liquids have the same density as water 1kg=1L.

You may buy pure nicotine from the following suppliers:


Also, check the several hundred Asian suppliers through Alibaba.com


In the UK, 7% is the max legal content. Similar percentages probably apply in some other EU countries as well.

Another alternative to ordering online is to make an arrangement with a supplier, then travel to china and smuggle the pure nicotine in your briefcase. Nicotine is not considered as a narcotic so if you get caught you will only get a fine.






I received the 50 ml of 99% pure liquid nicotine shipment from China today. I‘m relieved to see that there were no complications whatsoever.

我今天从中国收到了50 ml 99% 的纯尼古丁,一点也不麻烦。

Cover story; I contacted 30 companies, a majority of them located in China and explained that I was planning to order 200 000 units per year with intent for distribution in Scandinavia. In this context I wanted to order 60 units for testing.

我联系了30家公司,大多数在中国,我告诉他们我需要每年200000 个麻袋来装肥料,想在北欧搞批发,我先定了60个试试。

A future Overseer organisation should provide and subsidise a standard edition of the Justiciar Knight tombstone.

A European tombstone carver, preferably specialised in traditional tombstone architecture, is likely to charge more than 5000-10 000 Euro in order to create the stone. As such, producers in low cost countries should be contacted for the task of creating one or multiple stones in the future. Generally, countries with vast experience in traditional tombstone ornaments would be Southern European countries f. example Malta or Cyprus. Perhaps Armenia and even China or India should be considered as well. Creating unique accessories (such as commendations, medals, tombstones etc.) in India or China will allow us to save up to 80% of estimated cost. I realise that this might sound hypocritical considering the fact that cultural conservatives in general oppose Indian or Chinese membership in WTO and the fact that we generally prefer in sourcing as many industries as possible. However, conserving our funds is a central part of our struggle, especially in phase 1 and 2.



我们应该用5000 到10000欧元,传统设计师,制造墓碑给骑士团的成员们。可以考虑在马耳他,塞浦路斯,亚美尼亚,中国,甚至印度生产。这样可以省掉80%的钱。你们知道我作为保守派,反对中国印度在WTO的地位,反对把工作和工业让给他们,但省钱最重要。

Liberation of China Service Medal: Awarded for assisting Chinese nationalist forces to drive out Islam from China.



Birthrates are falling far below replacement levels in one country after the next -- from China, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea, to Canada, the Caribbean, all of Europe, Russia, and even parts of the Middle East.

Through a process of cultural evolution, societies that adopted this particular social system -- which involves far more than simple male domination -- maximized their population and therefore their power, whereas those that didn’’t were either overrun or absorbed. This cycle in human history may be obnoxious to the enlightened, but it is set to make a comeback.

For countries such as China, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Spain, in which one-child families are now the norm, the quality of human capital may be high, but it has literally become too rare to put at risk.


A future model, however, similar to the fascio-democratic model of Russia and China has the potency to implement the required cultural and security reforms.


Furthermore, we can‘t really compete with countries like China etc. Inviting them to the WTO was one of the biggest mistakes made the last 60 years resulting in the loss of millions of European jobs.


Decrease global consummation through implementing protectionist policies. The future cultural conservative European Federation (Europe w/Russia, US, Canada, Australia, NZ introduce significantly higher import taxes which will significantly give European producers the profitability they need to re-build their industries and to remain economically sustainable.

China and certain other countries will be expelled from the WTO (a new reformed WTO with emphasis on the European Federation countries.)



Chinas approach to Africa should be considered as a great example of how Europe should act.

China views Africa as a partner and not as a social client.



There are 3 primary reasons for the imminent fall of the US:

1. Fatally declining social cohesion due to multiculturalism/deconstruction of Christianity and everything European including traditions, identity etc.

2. Allowing China and other Asian countries to join the WTO – outsourcing of jobs to non-European countries

3. Peak-oil


1 因为基督教的毁灭,多元主义的盛行,而降低的凝聚力

2 让中国和其它亚洲国家加入WTO,抢了白人的工业和工作

3 石油濒临耗尽

Pro-China (supports Chinas deportation of Muslims).

我们的原则之一,与中国站在一起 (赶走穆)

Mass-oriented: where the subversive and covert-cell systems work from within the government, the mass-oriented builds a government completely outside the existing one, with the intention of replacing it. Such "insurgents patiently construct a base of passive and active political supporters, while simultaneously building a large armed element of guerrilla and regular forces. They plan a protracted campaign of increasing violence to destroy the government and its institutions from the outside. They have a well-developed ideology and carefully determine their objectives. They are highly organised and effectively use propaganda and guerrilla action to mobilise forces for a direct political and military challenge to the government." The revolution that produced the Peoples’’ Republic of China, the American Revolution, and the Shining Path insurgency in Peru are examples of the mass-oriented model. Once established, this type of insurgency is extremely difficult to defeat because of its great depth of organisation.


Today, Japan, China and several other countries have implemented a protectionist system which seeks to drain US/EU economies by making us net consumers. Japan, China and several other countries are systematically keeping their own currency low in order increase profits on export.


However, our role models MUST be the great nationalist struggles of the past, because politics is nothing at all but the historical process at work in the present. So we need to study the Wind of Change that blew through Africa in the 1950s, now that we too are living under anti-European discrimination in the EU Colonial Empires (EUSSR).Study Mao Tse-Dong (The Great Helmsman), once a role model for the Left, now a possible Rightist role model: leader of China’’s National Revival. Was he ever a Communist at all?




Do you still consider yourself a capitalist?

Yes and no. I oppose globalist capitalism as globalist firms have too much political influence but I support entrepreneurship/capitalistic principles on a local, regional and national level.

China should be excluded from WTO as we obviously are unable to compete with them demographically. We can‘t compete with a country that has 1,4 billion citizens.




Sun Tzu, a contemporary of the great Chinese thinker Confucius, wrote The Art of War, the influential book on military strategy, 2500 years ago. It is a book that deserves to be read in full, but perhaps the most famous quotation from it is this one:

"So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle."

The West has forgotten who our enemies are, but worse, we have also forgotten who we are. We are going to pay a heavy price for this historical amnesia



The Chinese are not usually very religious, but they have an equally strong, even ruthless nationalism and belief in their own civilisation. If history is any guide, today‘s decadent, bored, post-religious and post-nationalist Europe will be no match for Islam, unless it rediscovers a belief in its own culture and a will to defend it


Search words: ballistic vest, bullet resistant vest, bullet proof vest, tactical vest, assault vest)

Suppliers: European-, US-, Israeli- or Chinese companies.

Your best bet of acquiring ESAPI plates are purchasing them from European, Israeli or Chinese companies. They are readily available online as they are considered ―legal armour components and not ―illegal military grade armour.


Alibaba.com is a great site for finding Chinese, Indian suppliers and other suppliers from especially the second world countries. There are literally hundreds of Chinese companies who has copied European body armour technology and is selling them at a lower cost. Often, you will have to pose as a wholesale importer which then orders ―samples. This is often the only choice as many Chinese companies only offer wholesale (larger orders) and not retail (single orders).


The national goal must be to beat the currently leading oriental children (Chinese, South Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese) in every scholastic measurement and thus achieve a system of excellence that is superior to all known systems.



Anti-communist Vietnamese should have been relocated to Taiwan, a country established by the anti-communist Chinese after WW2. There is absolutely no good reason why an Iranian or a Vietnamese should be encouraged or facilitated to travel across the world for relocation in a European country.


Demands will be presented. Study how the current Chinese or Russia handles these issues. Certain foreign news agencies and/or equivalent media companies will be considered hostile political entities (political propaganda centers).


The Chinese nationalists and communists cooperated against the Japanese occupational power during WW2. Did that make the nationalists communist sympathizers?


Sunday May 15 - Day 14: At the last batch of preparing pure acetylsalicylic acid my hot plate stirrer broke down. The magnetic mechanism stopped working. Fuck, Chinese piece of shit equipment, I should have rather paid more to get good European quality machinery..

5月15日 在搞化学实验时,中国锅子坏了,中国垃圾设备,真该买好的欧洲货

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